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From our point view this is a question which IT managers should ask them self by now. Especially in cases where your company has relationships with companies or clients in the Asian area where there is no more supply of IPv4 addresses and ISP's are more and more starting to hand out the 'new' IP stack. 

Even if this is not case it is time now to become ready for IPv6 since the shift from IPv4 to v6 requires a lot of assessment of your current infrastructure whenever this is hardware, appliances like finger print system, legacy software from big providers or your customized software system running in your enterprise/company.  Can your ISP provide you already with IPv6 addresses or what is the time frame that they have to be ready.

IPv6 at the very first point is a scary beast however as soon as you started to wet your feet it will provide you with new possibilities which will pay for them self.  So we encourage anybody to dive in as long as it is only a second gateway to net. The moment will arrive for sure when IPv6 is a must for everybody. So get ready to have a second home in the new IP space.

Would you like to obtain more information or get a quick overview? Then please ask us or dive into to it with your favorite search engine. 

CISA Cybersecurity Advisories

25 May 2024