About Us

Lembke Computer Consulting was founded in 1996 as sole proprietorship  and converted to Lembke Computer Consulting GmbH (Ltd.) in the year 2002. Our main focus is providing our customers with customized solutions where out of the box doesn't fit.

Grown up in a scientific environment we have the strong believe that knowledge is precious good which is required to be shared wherever possible to advance the overall knowledge of everybody. There for we are a strong supporter of Open Source especially the GNU/Free Software Foundation. Our main working field would not have become what it is without the approach mentioned but instead a playing field of different huge an incompatible pseudo standards of big enterprises which try to lock their customers to their ecosystem.

We try to advocate our believe but are also aware that there are situations where this ideal does not fit. In any case our goal is to provide the best solution to our clients where this is coming from the GNU/OSS or closed source.  Our expertise ranges from Unix, Windows, Mac and Java platforms and interactions between them. 

CISA Cybersecurity Advisories

25 May 2024