Create a central point of information for your customers at the entrance/reception to your premise and for your employees at a central point  where everybody shows up. Give your employees a quick overview of what is happening at your company or welcome your visitors with a nice welcome message with an attractive custom design reflecting your CD.

We designed POI in collaboration with one of our main customers.



Key features:

  • Central Management of content for all displays
  • Unlimited number of full HD Displays can be connected.
  • Each display can be addressed directly to display
    its own content or can be a member of a group
  • Displays can be connect where there is a Internet connection 
  • Media integration. Any content which can be displayed within a normal web site. 

As display unit one either can use a monitor with integrated PC or combination of a monitor connected to a dedicated PC running your favorite OS. Where we recommend Linux for its stability.

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CISA Cybersecurity Advisories

25 May 2024